Breast tissue is bulging over the edge of your cups?

If part of your bust appears to be jumping from the top of the cups, or spilling out from the sides of them under your arms, the cups are too small and you need to move up a cup size.  Again, the cups should completely contain all of the breast tissue; wearing cups that are a size too small to enhance cleavage only produces an uncomfortable fit.

When evaluating the fit of your bra cups, keep a couple of things in mind.  First, few women have two breasts that are exactly the same size.  When determining the right cup size for you, always judge the fit according to your larger side.  Second, a great way to judge “spillage” out of the cups is to put on a tight T-shirt over your bra.  You’ll be able to see any excess tissue more clearly than by just wearing a bra alone.  If bulges are apparent, you’ll need to move up a cup size.


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