How long do I have before I need to return my bra/ items?

We have a 30 day returns policy! We ask no questions, hassle free.

If you want to return that’s totally fine with us! As long as you return the bra back in its original condition and don’t remove any tags, we can accept the return. If you miss the deadline of 30 days we can no longer give you a full refund, but instead (at our discretion*) we will issue you store credit which you can use to purchase anything of you desire from Brayola!

If the item was shipped to you in a box, please return it in a box. If you do not have the original box, please use a sturdy box to prevent in transit damage to the item. We are not responsible for damage to products in transit back to store.


Want to return an item? Click Here
*If you wish to return something that is over 6 months old, we will access each case individually and let you know of our decision.


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